To e-mail a patient at Wetzel County Hospital

Your family or friends can receive a message via e-mail during their stay at Wetzel County Hospital. The address is

We will print your message and deliver it to the patient. Messages received before 4pm will be delivered that day. Messages received after 4pm will be delivered the next day.

In general, the Internet is not secure. Also, the patient's e-mail will be printed and seen by hospital staff. We recommend that items considered confidential or personal (i.e. diagnosis, treatment, credit card information, social security numbers, etc.) not be communicated through your e-mail. We cannot deliver patient e-mail to patients in our emergency room, patients having outpatient procedures, those having diagnostic testing or to patients who have chosen not to be listed in our hospital directory.

Please make sure to write the name of the patient on the "Subject Line" so your message can be delivered.

There are a variety of reasons that your message may not be deliverable (i.e. the patient is not hospitalized at Wetzel County Hospital; the patient is listed as confidential status; etc.) We will notify you that your message is not deliverable. However, to protect patient privacy, we will not be able to tell you why the message was not delivered. If the patient has returned home, your message will be printed and mailed to the patient's home address.