Do you have a complaint about the quality of care at Wetzel County Hospital? The Joint Commission encourages anyone who has concerns or complaints about the safety and quality of care to bring those concerns or complaints first to the attention of Wetzel County Hospital Administrative staff via the Problem Resolution Line (click contact us for more information.) This will often lead to more immediate resolution of the matter.

Anyone believing Wetzel County Hospital has not resolved their problems or addressed the concerns or complaints and has pertinent and valid information about such matters may contact The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission surveys hospitals to assure quality and safety-of-care issues and the safety of the environment in which care is provided are met. Matters concerning billing, insurance, payment disputes, individual personnel or labor relations issues are not within The Joint Commission's scope.

When submitting a complaint to The Joint Commission about Wetzel County Hospital, you may either provide your name and contact information or submit your complaint anonymously. Providing your name and contact information enables The Joint Commission to inform you about the actions taken in response to your complaint, and also to contact you should additional information be needed.

It is the policy of The Joint Commission to treat your name as confidential information and not to disclose it to any other party. However, it may be necessary to share the complaint with Wetzel County Hospital in the course of a complaint investigation.

The Joint Commission policy forbids organizations from taking retaliatory actions against employees for having reported quality of care concerns to The Joint Commission.


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Click here to view The Joint Commission website on reporting a complaint.