The Diagnostic Radiology Department/Imaging Services is a comprehensive service providing sophisticated clinical application of imaging technology 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Services are provided to the inpatient and outpatient population of all ages, both within the Radiology Department/Imaging Services and at the patient bedside.   Diagnostic result reporting is continuously transmitted through the computer system with hard copy printing.  Outpatient results are sent to the ordering physician’s office.  The department consists of Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI, Mammography and Ultrasound Services.

Physician orders are entered into the computer order entry system with special needs of the patient identified at the time of ordering.  Patients requiring transportation assistance will have this need met by Radiology Department/Imaging Services personnel.  Certain medical conditions may necessitate the accompaniment of a registered nurse based upon the assessment of the nursing personnel.  Patient condition or type of exam may require the procedure outside of the department.  This may occur on patient units, in the surgical suite or any area where emergent imaging is ordered by a physician.

The Radiology Department/Imaging Services provides services for the study of the anatomical processes of the human body by acquiring diagnostic images.  Radiology diagnostic procedures are performed on patient of all ages, from the neonate to the geriatric patient.  Nuclear Medicine provides for a study of the physiological and metabolic processes of the human body by acquiring diagnostic images after administering radioisotopes, either alone or tagged to chemicals normally utilized by the body.  Isotopes are utilized as specified in the Radioactive Materials License. Pregnant patients are assessed for risk, with denial of procedure when a potential for patient harm exists unless the risk from the suspected diagnosis outweighs the risk of radiation to the fetus, as determined by the referring physician and the nuclear medicine physician.

The physician director of the department must be board certified in Radiology or possess equivalent experience and competence in the area of comprehensive diagnostic radiology services.  The departmental personnel consist of state licensed radiology technicians and other support staff who possess the skill level that allows for the provision of safe, competent and accurate care as defined under the scope of care.