Nursing Services is under the direction of the Inpatient Nursing Coordinator (IPC) of the organization.  Nursing services are provided in all direct patient care nursing “units”.  The INC and the individual department directors are held responsible for the nursing professional standards of the organization, the responsibility for the standards of care and practice, performance assessment and improvement, policies and procedures, personnel competency and nursing licensure within the Nursing Department.  Collaborative activities have been established to ensure that these responsibilities are addressed in all areas throughout the organization where nursing care is provided.

Nursing care is an organized and systematic process provided by or under the direction of a registered nurse.  The practice of nursing encompasses providing care to patients and their families that requires specialized knowledge, judgment and skills derived from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social and nursing sciences.  As a profession, nursing serves as a foundation for health, optimizing/restoring/maintaining the balance of body, mind and spirit of our patients.  As such, nursing includes the recognition of priority health care needs, health care teaching, managing interdisciplinary patient care, patient advocacy and health teaching.  

Nursing services are provided in an atmosphere of collaboration, both interdependently and independently with other health care disciplines to provide a quality, cost effective, individualized and coordinated health care service to all patients throughout the organization.  Professional nursing practice is facilitated through empowerment, collaboration and encouragement of innovation, through a performance improvement framework. Nursing care is accomplished through the execution of the nursing process, patient teaching, administering, supervising, delegating and evaluating nursing care and practice.  This includes implementation of nursing standards of care and practice.

Departments of Nursing Service:

  1. In-Patient Services
    • Med-Surg
    • ICU
    • TCU/Swing Bed Unit
    • Cardiac Rehab.
    • Supervisors
  2. Surgical Services
    • OR
    • PACU
    • Central Processing
    • Ambulatory Surgery
  3. Emergency & Out-Patient Services
    • Emergency Room
    • Consulting Physicians Clinic
    • Contract Nurses
    • Diabetic Education
    • Physician’s Office Nurses
  4. Cardio-Pulmonary Services
  5. Staff Development
  6. Infection Control/Wellness
  7. Utilization Management
  8. Rehabilitation Services
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
  9. Social Services
    • Volunteers
    • Pastoral Care

All nursing care is under the direction of registered nurses licensed in the State of West Virginia.  Practical nurses licensed in the State of West Virginia and Nursing Aides, certified in the State of West Virginia are directed by the registered nursing personnel.