Measles and Mumps. What you need to know.

Recent outbreaks of measles and mumps have highlighted the importance of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination.  Adults born before 1957 are generally considered to be immune to measles and mumps.  Adults born after 1957 should have documentation of one or more doses of MMR vaccine.  Rubella immunity should be determined for all women of childbearing potential, and if not immune and not pregnant, these women should be vaccinated.  Unvaccinated healthcare workers born before 1957 who lack laboratory evidence of immunity need two doses of MMR (at least 28 days apart) for measles and mumps or one dose of MMR for rubella.


Source:  ACIP 2015 Adult Vaccine Schedule;  What you need to Know, Medscape, Feb 02, 2015