Wetzel County Hospital is GOING GREEN!!!


WCH recently participated in First Energy's Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.  The incentive program made it possible for the hospital to retrofit all exterior lighting to LED technologies.  The new lights will reduce our exterior lighting cost beyond 50% with a 1.4 year return on investment.  "Basically, the hospital is saving over $5,000 per year just on outside lights" said Terry Weber.  WCH was the first hospital in the state of WV to complete the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a green solution:  environmentally friendly, economic, and long life.  WCH is dedicated to the most advanced, cutting-edge products in the LED technology field.  Energy saving solutions are the best hope for preserving our planet for future generations.  For more information, please call Terry Weber, Facilities Manager/Safe Director at 304-455-8070.