The Wetzel County Hospital Foundation offers a way for individuals to help further our mission long into the future through their estate plans.

Whether designating to an existing fund, creating a new fund, or allowing the funds to be used where they are needed most, planned giving donors can provide charitable funds to the Foundation through a variety of planned gift options.

Careful estate planning can be a tremendous permanent benefit to your and organizations you care about. Representatives from the Wetzel County Hospital Foundation are available to meet with you and your financial advisor to discuss questions and concerns regarding estate and gift planning.

Donations can also be made thru Network for Good via the link located at the bottom of each page on this website.  Be sure to include Wetzel County Hospital Fund under the designation section to ensure your designation goes to this fund.

Please contact Yvonne Weber, Director of Planned Giving at 304-455-8114 if you would like more information or a private consultation. 

Bequests are the most common way to make lasting gifts. Simply list the Wetzel County Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary of your will. Many people set aside a certain dollar amount; yet others choose to leave a percentage of their estate. If you wish to name a specific fund to benefit from your gift, you can make your wishes known to the Foundation when your will is prepared or we can assist with information to be included in a codicil (an amendment to your will). At that time, you can make the gift’s purpose clear and may choose to acknowledge that the gift has been given in memory of a particular person..

Charitable Remainder Trusts are another way to offer a legacy. After paying you an income for your life, a Charitable Remainder Trust can establish or add to a fund to support the mission of the Foundation. Charitable Remainder Trusts may also provide substantial tax advantages.

Charitable Gift Annuities through the Wetzel County Hospital Foundation pay a fixed income, usually for the life of the donor and/or spouse. At the conclusion of the annuity, the Foundation will receive an amount equal to the difference between the original gift and the cost of providing the annuity. Annuities can be a great option for someone who needs supplemental income, but is receiving little from savings or certificate of deposit interest. Annuities may also offer significant current tax advantages.

Life Insurance can be used if you name the Wetzel County Hospital Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy-perhaps a policy that is no longer essential to your financial goals. Premiums paid by the donor on the policy will then become tax deductible.

IRA, 401(k), or Other Qualified Assets may be used to leave a legacy simply by naming the Wetzel County Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary. Such assets are often subject to both estate and income taxes, so these assets should be the first used for charitable bequests. A Charitable Remainder Trust for which the Foundation serves as Trustee may also be designated the beneficiary.