Wetzel County Hospital (WVH) Laboratory is to provide high quality, quick turn around time cost effective patient care.  The laboratory provides a large menu of testing on state of the art equipment.  We also provide around the clock, seven days a week service including holidays for emergncy work and inpatient work.  Outpatient hours are 6:30am to 10:30pm, 7 days a week including holidays.  Post-accident DOT drug screen collections are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Any esoteric testing we cannot provide in house is sent to a reference laboratory which provides an excellent turn around time.  Any STAT testing that cannot be provided in house is sent to a larger hospital laboratory that is located north of Wetzel County Hospital (WCH) laboratory.  This laboratory can provide STAT (same day) testing that our reference laboratory cannot.  The laboratory also provides a large number of Blood Bank services.  Any Blood Bank testing that cannot be provided in house is sent to the American Red Cross reference lavatory.  The laboratory is JCAHO and CLIA approved.

The reference laboratories used by our hospital laboratory are CLIS approved.  Their scope of services is in line with our scope by providing quality care in a timely manner that is cost effective.  If at any time their scope of service should change and not be compatible with our scope of service then a new reference laboratory will be sought.

The Clinical Laboratory personnel include personnel state certified in medical technology and phlebotomy.  Assignments within the department are based upon the complexity of the testing requirements.  All personnel evidence proficiency with the Laboratory Computer System and all chemistry and laboratory equipment.  All personnel have an understanding and are able to demonstrate knowledge of the laboratory specific safety and infection control policies and procedures, as well as the organization safety management and utilities management programs.  The physician director of the Clinical Laboratory is Board Certified in Clinical Pathology.