Wetzel County Hospital Charge Master

The Charge Master is a list of services offered by Wetzel County Hospital.  The hospital uses the Charge Master to bill insurances and patients.  The charges listed in the Charge Master may not be what you or your insurance will be paying.  Insurance companies determine what amount the patient has to pay.  Private pay patients may be eligible for financial assistance.

The Charge Master is constantly changing.  Items are added and deleted as services are added or deleted.   The prices shown are current as of the date posted.  Prices are the same for all patients. 

It is important to recognize that the Charge Master is not the ideal way to shop for medical services and may cause confusion because of its medical/clinical orientation and usage.  If you have questions about the Charge Master, please contact Kitty at 304-455-8052.


To download a copy of the Charge Master, please click this link