Your Admission
Your physician, who is a member of the Hospital medical staff, schedules your admission, diagnostic tests and procedures, diet, medications and other treatments you may need.

In order to make your registration as easy as possible, please present your insurance cards, Medicare or Medicaid card, photo identification cards, list of current medications, a copy of any advance directive document, and a copy of any living will document. As a courtesy to you, we file claims with your insurance company. If your policy requires pre-certification, it is your responsibility to notify your doctor of this requirement. Your insurance company may reduce your insurance payment if the pre-certification guidelines are not followed.

Please call 304-455-8014 if you have any questions about your admission.

Personal Items
Only a few items from home are needed such as a robe, slippers, and toiletry items. Basic toiletries are furnished for your convenience. Hospital gowns and robes are also provided and need to be worn during all medical procedures. However, if you prefer to wear your own pajamas or gown at other times, please feel free to do so.

Please do not bring medications from home unless requested by your physician. On your admission to our facility you will be asked about any medicine allergies that you have and about the medicines you are taking at home. This information is necessary so that we can provide the best patient care for you while you are at the hospital. You may provide us with a list of your medicines or bring your medicine bottles with you. You may be asked this information several times during the course of your hospital stay.

To protect your valuables, you should leave jewelry, billfolds, cash and credit cards at home. If you do arrive with valuables, we recommend to send them home with a family member. WCH will not be liable for the loss, theft, or damage of said item(s).

Dentures, eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids should be placed in protective containers and kept on the bedside or meal tray. Ask your nurse to assist you with protective containers.

You may want to keep small amounts of change for vending machines and other needs.

Note: WCH is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of personal property.